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Spiritual tools transform our lives.
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Spiritual Tools


We teach a New Thought philosophy and promote easy-to-use Spiritual Tools that have been proven to transform personal lives.  This page is all about the Spiritual Tools we use and how they benefit you when you practice them! 

Benefits of Practicing with our recommended Spiritual Tools:

– Awaken to your true self – this is your own unique and authentic being

– Feel the excitement of creative inspiration

– Feel healthier and happier

Come join us for our Sunday Celebration or any other of our many events to learn more about Vision and the Spiritual Tools we use. We’re a welcoming bunch with positive healing energy!

Spiritual Tools

Which Spiritual Tool will you use today to access the Divine Presence within you?

Affirmative Prayer



Qualities of God



Spiritual Tools

Affirmative Prayer

The Spiritual Tool that we use the most at Vision, Center for Spiritual Living is Prayer. To be more specific, we practice a form of prayer called Affirmative Prayer. It is also called Spiritual Mind Treatment. Affirmative Prayer is a practical Spiritual Tool that aligns our thoughts with all-good. We use it to allow for a powerful shift in our consciousness so that we are open and available to accept the good that is already present in our life.

Vision has 5 Staff Ministers and 30+ Licensed Practitioners who are happy to pray with you.


The Power of Prayer

  • Live fully and freely as who you truly are
  • Attract more good into your life
  • Break negative thought patterns
  • Go beyond appearances of lack or limitation
  • Release limiting beliefs about your life
  • Experience a Spiritual healing


Request Prayer

Our 5 Staff Ministers and 30+ Licensed Practitioners support individuals with prayer wherever they are in life. Requesting a prayer is a great Spiritual Tool to use to improve health, relationships and abundance in your life. Remember that prayer can also be requested when things are already good and you want more of that good to keep coming!

Ministry of Prayer Confidential Prayer Request Form

Prayer will be done for one week. All prayer requests are held in strict confidence. If you continue to experience challenges concerning this situation, please call one of our professional practitioners to set up an appointment.

Request Prayer via phone, email or our online form:
Call: 619-501-5743
Email: practioners@visioncsl.com

Prayer Changes lives.

In this video Marcus Gilliland, RScP explains the 5-step Affirmative Prayer process and how he uses it in his daily life.

How do we pray?

We use a 5 step Affirmative Prayer. We do this because prayer changes things! In the teaching of Science of Mind, we are always unified with God. (Or you may hear – One Power, Universal Intelligence, Source.) These 5 steps in Affirmative Prayer help us affirm the Spiritual Truth that God is all there is and that we are part of God. By affirming this Spiritual Truth we set the Creative Process into motion. We know that what we want is already here we just need to release our words of what we want, and let God do the work. If you’re new to using Affirmative Prayer, it’s helpful to feel into every one of the five steps. It is not the words that you use that make the prayer powerful, it is the feeling tone behind the words. 


The five steps of an Affirmative Prayer:
  1. Recognition (God Is)
  2. Unification (I am)
  3. Realization (Speaking into reality your desired good)
  4. Thanksgiving (Grateful Acceptance), and
  5. Release (Letting go, let God)

In this audio clip Marcus Gilliland, RScP gives you some great affirmations that you can use to feel the power within you.

Spiritual Tools


Affirmations are a quick Spiritual Tool that you can easily use daily to focus on creating change in your life. With an affirmation you are affirming (strengthening) the Spiritual Truth about yourself.

An affirmation is a desired state in present-tense terms as if it is already manifest (exists) in our lives.

Affirmations broaden our thoughts and open us possibility.
It’s as if with each affirmation we say aloud we are filling a glass of dark, cloudy water, drop by drop, with beautiful clear drinking water.

Create a personal affirmation:

Make it personal, use “I” or “my”
Make it short
Use the present tense (it’s happening right now)
Make it easy to say; use your own manner of speaking
Be specific, but do not outline; state what but not how

I am happy, healthy, safe, and free.
I let each moment of this day flow with ease.
I am loved and supported.


  • improves physical and emotional well-being
  • attracts desired conditions into your life
  • increases confidence

Spiritual Tools


Gratitude is the practice of looking for the good and praising it. Gratitude is more than an emotion; it is an attitude of appreciation and acceptance.
Cultivating gratitude is a good Spiritual Tool to improve our daily lives.


  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Have fun with gratitude prompts!
    • I’m grateful for three things I hear:
    • I’m grateful for three things I see:
    • I’m grateful for three things I smell:
  • Write a gratitude letter
    • Write and send a hand-written letter to someone who you are grateful to have in your life. Tell them how they affected your life for the better.

Benefits of a gratitude practice:

  • improves physical and emotional health
  • improves connection to others and nature
  • fosters hope for the future

Maria Flores, RScP and James Vandenburg, RScP talk about how Maria uses the Spiritual Tool Gratitude to transform her day and shift perspective in clients.

Latonia “Hummingbird” Dixon, RScP gives some important advice about meditation.

Spiritual Tools


Meditation is what arises inside us when we use a certain method or technique of mindfulness.
At Vision’s Sunday Service we practice a 5 minute meditation to reflect on two quotes given to us that are based on that day’s inspirational talk.

Typical Meditation Techniques

  • Listening to sounds in nature
  • Guided meditation
  • Focused Breathing

We are individuals, so what arises in each of us is different. We recommend this Spiritual tool because people who have a regular meditation practice report that they get to know their mind and how their thoughts and feelings flow. This is important because it has many benefits.

Benefits of meditation practice:

  • increase concentration
  • increase ability to respond to situations, not react to them
  • opens heart and increases happiness
  • Improves physical well-being


Spiritual Tools

Qualities of God

Vision, Center for Spiritual Living starts with the simple idea that God, known by many different names, is within each of us. Our Founder, Ernest Holmes said, “I live in the faith that there is a Presence and Power greater than I am that nurtures and supports me in ways I could not even imagine. I know that this Presence is All knowing and All Power and is Always right where I am.” The Qualities of God are Eternal Truths of our being: Abundance; Balance; Beauty; Creativity: Freedom; Joy; Love; Peace; Power; Truth; Unity; Wholeness and Wisdom. You can take a quality of God and make it the center of focus of a prayer, a meditation, an affirmation, a statement of gratitude. In doing so you focus on the specific Quality of God and allow (or be willing to allow) a demonstration of Good in your life.

In this audio clip, James Vandenburg, RScP describes using the Qualities of God as a Spiritual Tool to transform or heal a situation.

Reverend Lori Sheets describes the power of Visioning. We co-create with Spirit to transform our lives.

Spiritual Tools


Through the spiritual practice of Visioning, we create a space of deep listening and awareness to fully embrace the Divine idea for our highest good. Visioning is an excellent tool for personal direction, ideas for spiritual community or any important project or life structure that we are presently engaged in.

Examples of questions the facilitator may ask the group to assist this process:

  • What do I want?
  • What does it look like, feel like sound like?
  • What is the highest possibility for my life?
  • What is God’s idea of Itself as me?
  • What must I Be in consciousness – what qualities are being called forth?

It is always beneficial to close the vision process with affirmations and/or spiritual mind treatments.

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