Your gifts help Vision to Transform Lives through Practical Spirituality.
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Vision was founded in 2007 to Transform Lives through Practical Spirituality. 

Your gifts, given through conscious circulation, help ensure the sustainability of Vision for generations to come. 

We appreciate the gifts that you give!

All gifts that Vision receives are invested in our mission to Transform Lives through Practical Spirituality. 

General – Monetary gifts are used to maintain Vision’s daily operations. These include staffing for Sunday Celebration, Musicians, our Educational efforts and regular monthly bills.

Special Projects – Some monetary gifts go towards special projects for Vision or the community. This website is an example of generous donor support.

Legacy – When you choose to put Vision in your estate plan, this monetary gift helps ensure the long term presence of Vision in both San Diego and our growing virtual community.

Giving is Easy

Thank you for deciding to support Vision!

We have many options available so you can give via the method of your choice. In the section below, you’ll find our built-in donation form, it uses the secure on-line giving system Breeze, which many in our community use to donate. You can also use text messaging to donate, or you can donate directly from your bank using Zelle, or via PayPal. And of course we welcome donations at Sunday Celebration or checks that you choose to mail in your support. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any help with any of the options.


Thank You for Giving

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(619) 505-3359

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From within your Zelle-connected bank account, Direct your gift to


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set up a recurring Contribution?

Yes. The best way is to set up a recurring contribution via Breeze, the secure on-line giving system.
• Email for login information
• Go to
• Click GIVE NOW and securely enter your payment information
• Enter the amount you would like to donate monthly
• There is a small processing fee related to this transaction. You will receive credit for the entire amount given.

What are other ways to give?

Bill Pay Add Vision CSL to your bank account’s bill pay. Your bank will send a check to Vision.
Our address:
Vision CSL
4780 Mission Gorge Place, Suite H
San Diego CA 92120

Give in person Put cash or a check in the donation basket during our Conscious Circulation portion of Sunday Celebration.

Give in person Give via credit card in our bookstore before or after Sunday Celebration.

Give on-line via PayPal or Zelle.

Text to Give (619) 505-3359 This is a secure way to give using the Breeze system. Simply text to (619) 505-3359 with the amount of money you want to donate. For example: 100 and hit enter. If it’s your first time donating via text you will receive a message ” It looks like you are a new giver:” click the link and follow the instructions. Once your phone is registered you can simply text the amount of your donation to (619) 505-3359.

Volunteer your time to VISION.

What method of giving is preferred by VISION?

Ideally, VISION is best served by giving via our secure on-line giving system Breeze
• VISION can budget better when we know that your gift is coming in regularly
• Your gift goes directly into VISION’s bank account
• There is a small fee, but we believe it’s worth having gifts come in via a secure on-line system.

Is VISION financially sound and successful?

Yes. VISION was founded in 2007. Because of the continued generosity of our members, we have a great track record of being financially sound and growing.
If you have specific questions, please email

How can I plan for VISION’s future after I transition?

Contact Joan Buchman at or call (619) 303 – 6609