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I get asked all the time what I’ve been doing since the “Wizard and Dorothy”.



After Dorothy clicked her heels and returned safley to Kansas, The Lion, The Scarecrow and I shared a few last well wishes and went our own way back home, mine was just a few days east. A couple of hours into my journey, I took a rest next to the side of the road. I was daydreaming of all that had happened to me recently; Dorothy, The Wizard, The Witch and My Heart, ah yes My Heart.

I held the heart close and was gazing upon this wonderful gift from the Wizard, when my fingers sliding down the outside edge found a small clasp locking something inside. With grand curiosity I unlatched the heart and lifted the lid to reveal a hallow inside except for a small scroll and a beautiful Ruby Heart with a bright red ribbon necklace.

The scroll read:

Dear Tin Man,

By now, you must be on your way home and your journey to OZ has prepared you for what's next.

You are about to be given the opportunity to share all that you have learned about having a heart with the rest of the world.

Please know this, you are not alone. There are many humans that already possess a "Compassionate Heart" and it is up to you to find them and bestow "The Ruby Heart" upon them.

In return, you will receive lessons from each in Giving, Forgiveness, Kindness and more.

These you must share with the rest of the world.

According to The Scroll, I need to locate all those that possess "The Compassionate Heart".

So you see, that's where I've been and that's why we're here!

This is who I've found so far:

2014 - Evelyn Eads
2013 - Larry Paris
2012 - John Kurko
2011 - TK Ekrom
2010 - Ruth Soklow

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