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When prayer removes distrust and doubt and enters the field of mental certainty, it becomes faith; and the universe is built on faith.
Ernest Holmes

Diversity Day

Starting on 05/19/ 11:15 am
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Diversity Day
Diversity Day Vision
Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion
Brief Description 
Diversity is seen throughout the universe in each atom, star, galaxy expressing itself differently than another.  However, the universe also has energies that are similar.  The same is true for human beings.  There are identical twins in the world who look so much alike a person can barely tell the difference between them and yet they too have differences about them although they are subtle.  
Celebrating diversity will bring people together through art, short skits, comedy, music, food, and guest speakers, who probably would not come together. In addition, celebrating diversity and inclusion will honor those who have been dishonored, ignored, and not been acknowledged.  Lastly, celebrating diversity will insight growth, increase knowledge, and possibly bring about acceptance of the beautiful tapestry of Spirit's creation.
Vision Centers of Spiritual Living being a diverse organization and fully recognizing the uniqueness of its membership strives to promote diversity through its organization by celebrating diversity through events, dinners, and inviting speakers expressing diverse consciousness.  All humans are possessed with unique, rich cultural histories, backgrounds and personal experiences deserving of universal respect, integrity, and acceptance; and it is believed that greater diversity enriches and adds value to organizations' membership and the innovation and creativity of all human beings.  Lastly, it has been proven that human beings are more alike than different.

Sunday, May 19th after our Choir Sunday Celebration

If you are interested in coming please click the "Join" button aboe and let us know.

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