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Evelyn is such a beautiful example of love and compassion in action. She has the biggest, most generous heart! I am delighted she has been chosen as this year's Ruby Heart recipient. It is an honor that is very well deserved!
Rev. Jeanne

Christ-like devotion and we are blessed to have her in our spiritual community. Congratulations Evelyn, you are the perfect representation of the Ruby Heart!
Peace & Blessings-Rev. Patti 


Evelyn is a rare gift to our Spiritual community. Always empathetic and ready to support others, she is also a serious pilgrim on her own path; seeking to go deeper. Her tremendous wisdom is balanced by a wonderfully wacky, outspoken (and at times) irreverent joy. Evelyn supports all around her by reminding us that although life can at times be challenging, it is also supposed to be fun! 

Evelyn embodies the compassionate heart! She is a light in my life and the life of our vision community. It's a joy to see her receive "The Ruby Heart" Award. Congrats! - Cindy May

Evelyn Eads is a generous heart who gives her love,time and attention to support the well-being of others. I had personal experience of her generosity,her time and her willingness to do whatever it took to support my recovery and I am forever grateful. Evelyn's love, prayers and laugher so powerfully and freely shared blesses Vision and all she encounters.

Such a big-hearted dynamo.  The only person who ever asked me to give an "ash Wednesday" blessing with a chocolate kiss!
From Diane, GroovyDiane

Evelyn is very authentic as speaks her truth directly so I always know what Evelyn is thinking and feeling.  One of her many strengths is her enthusiasm is infectious !  She is very deserving of the Ruby Heart !!!!  I am out of town this coming weekend so I will miss the ceremony but I send my Love and admiration to her.
Love and Blessings, Alan

E mbraces life and people

V ivacious

E nergetic and efficient

L aughs , listens , and loves

Y outhful

N aughty ( but NICE )

E mpathetic

A ttractive

D ynamic

S ensitive and supportive



Evelyn is the human out picturing of the Divine. She is the truest expression of God's Love I know as she expresses in wherever she is and whenever she encounters anyone. We are truly blessed to have her in our midst.

I have known Evelyn, for many years. In some ways I feel we have grown up and grown through together. I respect and admire her. I learn from her. And I am grateful to Evelyn in so many ways. Qualities that I know and love about Evelyn are summed up in quotes from these strong, well known and well loved women:

"The most effective way to do it, is to do it" - Amelia Earhart

"Anything you want to ask a teacher, ask yourself, and wait for the answer in silence" – Byron Katie

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." - Katharine Hepburn

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." – Eleanor Roosevelt


Evelyn, you are a treasure.
Evelyn Eads is indeed an Angel.  She is always ever and totally present for whoever comes to her for solace and support.  Over the years, Evelyn has been with me through the soaring highs and plummeting lows of my journey with her high consciousness, counsel and love.  Evelyn exemplifies the Loving Ruby Heart and anyone she touches is indeed blessed.
Peace and Joy, Ethelyn Y

In the dictionary under the word angel is a picture of Evelyn.  Her loving care and support of others is a clear demonstration of God in action walking the talk.  I admire her fearless inquisition of "self " while still giving us the pure magnificence of her true "SELF".
Evelyn, I love you and thank you for being in my life.
XXOO, Victoria

Regarding service to our community Evelyn only knows one word, "Yes". When I was recovering from my knee surgery and cataracts, Evelyn was there to offer whatever help I needed, including rides, meals and company.
Love, Mike

A loving being with a heart of gold!


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