2012 - John Kurko
4780 MISSION GORGE PLACE, SUITE H, SAN DIEGO, CA 92120 - (619) 303-6609
Dear John --  Your diligence, enthusiasm and positive spirit are an inspiration to so many of us.  I can’t even imagine how you manage to get it all done.  Thank you, thank you for your leadership and the example you set for us! - Bob Dean

Captain Kurko: Thank you for being the “Wind in the Sails of VISION” that powers  the Dream. - From Larry Paris
"John is always so upbeat and positive. Whenever something is needed, he is 'Jonny on the spot'"  ; ) - Wendy Kaveney, RScP
Everyone knows that John is talented, organized, persistent, creative and generous.  He's also a "softy" when it comes to his family, friends and everyone he loves.  Big gratitude for the big guy with a big heart! - Billie Frances, RScP

John is such an incredible gift to VISION! He is a man of contagious enthusiasm and limitless patience, with a sweet kindness he shares with everyone he meets. Funny, smart and simply a JOY to be around! - Jeanne Phillips

You truly deserve this acknowledgment. Many people present themselves as Spiritually enlighten beings  on Sunday and the rest of the week they seem to experience amnesia.  John, you are who you are 24/7 days a week. A true divine expression of God for all the world to see. - Lawrence t Bond

That John, What a guy! Is there anything he doesn't know?
And secondly, your know, even when I screw something up and have to call him and say, "John, You know what happened?" He still thanks me for all I do. --And I'm thinking to myself, but John, you didn't hear what I said? I screwed something up! --What a guy.
Blessing always, Frank VanTil

"It is such a joy working with John, his dedication to the the growth and prosperity of the Vision community is incredible.  Although John is not a Practitioner, he has the Practitioner consiousness which he brings to everything he does."  - Mike Nidess, RScP

John has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know.  He is a loving father, son, brother and uncle.  His dedication to all things Vision is an inspiration to me and many others.  When our congregation sings "We Are Blessed", we are certainly in part singing it about John. -
Joe Pirrello
John is so well deserving of the Ruby Heart Award.  Always with a smile, he listens and follows through from the heart.  I can count on John to have the answer to my questions, or know how to get-er-done.  Considerate, caring, kind, and loving - although not-so-much when I beat him on game night !  Congratulations !  - Cindy May
John's enthusiastic commitment to Vision is contagious! and uplifting! - Luanne Vonder Kuhlen
John serves and promotes Vision from such a heartfelt space.  Who could resist his Life Energy! - Evelyn Eads
John is always there and always supportive of all that we do at Vision, no matter what.  Not only that, he is always cheerful and positive, so no matter what I am feeling, he always brings a smile to my face! - Brenda Nason
Every spiritual center needs a foundation;
From which to guide and serve the nation.
A Chief Operations Officer it needs;
To accomplish oh so many deeds,
So Spirit manifested a Kurko named John
He stepped up and worked oh so long
Laboring tirelessly and being so smart 
Helped Vision grow up with a mighty Ruby Heart
Now we honor John Kurko for being so stellar
We are incredibly Blessed to have this feller
So with great gratitude and adulations
We express to John our loving congratulations !
Love and Blessings, - Alan Olson
John Kurko is the most honorable, authentic person I ever met. He walks his talk with humor, honesty and humility. I hope to one day be as spiritual and as enlightened as he. John is the heart and soul of Vision and I am honored to walk this sacred path along with him. - Rev. Patti

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