Donations & Gifts to Vision
4780 MISSION GORGE PLACE, SUITE H, SAN DIEGO, CA 92120 - (619) 303-6609
We at VISION respect and honor your choice to support us.  Your love and generous gifts are appreciated.  Thank you in advance and know your gift is accepted with the love in which you give it.

5 Ways to Financially Support Vision
     1. Online Giving
         Click here to set up a one-time or recurring contribution using your debit or credit card as well as your checking account.
      2. Mail In Giving

          Send a check to  Vision CSL
                                      4780 Mission Gorge Place, Suite H
                                      San Diego, CA  92120
     3. Text-to-Give
          Coming soon we will have the ability to text at any time a gift to Vision.
     4. PayPal Gifts
          Click here to use PayPal or a credit card for one-time or recurring contribution.
     5. Sunday Support
         Come in on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am and give your support directly to Vision.

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