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Ministry "work" is at the heart of our community as it allows us to serve and express ourselves as the light we are. Many find participation in ministry work fulfilling and gratifying. You are always welcome to share your gifts and talents in service to the VISION family. Contact the Director or leader of the ministry or team in which you are interested.

Animal Ministry
Our Mission is to provide support for all congregants who are facing challenges with their pets through Prayer, Practitioner Sessions and Physical availability.  Advocate and Educate on behalf of all our animal friends and encouraging Responsible Stewardship and to open a space for Unconditional Love and Unity by participation in Joyful, fun-filled venues shared with the greater global communities and our all furry companions.

The Communications Ministry is responsible for distributing the word of Vision through the Internet, printed form, advertising, e-mailings, and any other form of communication.

Education Ministry
To awaken the individual’s awareness of God consciousness and provide the opportunity to increase the experience of personal fulfillment and spiritual realization through classes and workshops.

Ministry of Fun
Our Purpose is to provide a fun, loving supportive atmosphere, where members of Vision and friends can meet each other to create community based on common interests.  Click here for Ministry of Fun Page

Ministry of Prayer
To serve the greater VISION Community by providing Spiritual Mind Treatment as requested.  We wish to do this in a way that is easy and direct, and which always insures confidentiality.

Pastoral Community Care Ministry
The Pastoral Care is here to support our congregation through challenging experiences with love and compassion, and without judgment.

Practitioner Ministry
Is Spirit Inspired Service, through the Power of Prayer as we support our Ministers however needed.

Meditation Service Ministry
This is a sacred, candlelit service that speaks to the heart with unique expressions of prayer... silent, spoken, sung, written, given and received. It allows us all to open our hearts and go into the mystery. We celebrate the sacred consciousness that resides within us. Come Home to your Light.

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Tracy Smith, RScP is a Religious Science Practitioner for Vision and would love for you to be a part of her 90 Days Journey of AAA.  Contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Youth and familyThe VISION Youth Ministry is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment and we consider it an honor to be with these precious little beings. We provide Sunday programs that are created specifically for your child and is taught in a loving space in our class rooms lead by a licensed Practitioners.

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VISION is so fortunate to have many volunteers at our church.  Volunteers are the backbone of VISION and we currently have over 60% of our church supporting us by giving of their time. By volunteering you will not only be helping others but you will help yourself and your family by learning the true meaning of giving. Thank you for your support. 

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ts 2Our Purpose is to provide a fun, loving supportive atmosphere, where members of Vision meet each other to create community based on common interests.  These events are open to everyone, and it is very appropriate to invite your friends to them, too, to introduce them to our Vision family on a more informal basis. 

It’s a great way to connect with everyone at a new level.  Click here for more information.