Coffee Connection & Inspiration

Coffee Connection & Inspiration

Starting on 12/31/21 8:30 am

At VISION: A Center For Spiritual Living

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Coffee Connection 

is a way to connect with your Vision family each and every morning.

Use this Zoom call gathering to check in, share what is on your heart and get your day started.


This gathering will be hosted by Staff Minister Rev Lori S. and several other Vision Practitioners.

We are there to listen, lend support and hear what you are experiencing at this place and time.


After an initial check in of how each person is doing, people are invited to share what is going on with them during this pandemic-this time of uncertainty.

You will have the chance to tell others what is working for you as well as what may be unsettling for you. Leave each day with a heartfelt inspiration!

Time- 8:30-9:00am 

Monday through Friday