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Prayer is a thought, a belief, a feeling, arising within the mind of the one praying.
Ernest Holmes


What is a Practitioner ?

A licensed practitioner at VISION, A Center for Spiritual Living is a professional spiritual counselor who has been trained in the use of Science of Mind principles. Practitioners combine the art of compassionate listening with the science of healing prayer to bring about positive change. Practitioners are here to serve you.


The Practitioner Corps vision is:                                           

Spirit inspired service through the power of prayer.

VISION practitioners maintain a Prayer Ministry available to assist you 24 hours a day by telephone.  The licensed practitioners will also pray with you before, during, and after church service regarding any situation, circumstance, or goal you wish to realize.  These services are offered free of charge.  Additionally, pracititoners are available for one-on-one counseling sessions by appointment for a fee.

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VISION: A Center For Spiritual Living has 34 registered members
Formatted Name Alan Olson, RScP
Phone 858.274.4144
Formatted Name Anne Di Napoli, RScP
Phone 858.279.7200
Formatted Name Audra Nichole, RScP
Phone 408.425.6121
Formatted Name Billie Frances, RScP
Phone 619.297.7542
Formatted Name Brenda Nason, RScP
Phone 619.300.2628
Formatted Name Cindy May, RScP
Phone 858.277.5611
Formatted Name Darryl Thompson, RScP
Phone 619.980.5646
Formatted Name Donna Thomas, RScP
Phone 619.559.2101
Formatted Name Dorothy Darling, RScP
Phone 760.803.2364
Formatted Name Evelyn Eads, RScP
Phone 619.742.8638
Formatted Name Gloria Brockman, RScP
Phone 619.669.0563
Phone 415.671.5559
Formatted Name J.P. Schuiteman, RScP
Phone 619.757.6092
Formatted Name James Vandenburg, RScP
Phone 858.663.9901
Formatted Name Joanne Millison, RScP
Phone 858.571.3373
Formatted Name Joe Pirrello, RScP
Phone 619.917.1710
Formatted Name Marcus Gilliland, RScP
Phone 303.591.7982
Formatted Name Maria Flores, RScP
Phone 619.920.9151
Formatted Name Mary Ann Downs, RScP
Phone 619.368.8696
Formatted Name Mary McNabb, RScP
Phone 619.392.7900
Formatted Name Micah Leslie, RScP
Phone 714.349.7900
Formatted Name Miguel Zulueta, RScP
Phone 858.779.4106
Formatted Name Mike Nidess, RScP
Phone 619.415.3538
Formatted Name Nan Agriesti, RScP
Phone 619.991.7255
Formatted Name Paul Domaleski, RScP
Phone 415.865.0136
Formatted Name Paul Hemmerling, RScP
Phone 619.674.1128
Formatted Name Rev. Diane Russell
Phone 619.795.4662
Formatted Name Rev. Jeanne Phillips
Phone 619.788.4905
Formatted Name Rev. Lori Sheets
Phone 858.692.1547
Formatted Name Rev. Patti Paris
Phone 619.303.6609
Formatted Name Rev. Sam Flynn
Phone 619.972.4818
Formatted Name Ruth Starwell, RScP
Phone 619.994.5394
Formatted Name Tracy Smith, RScP
Phone 760.409.9289
Formatted Name Victoria Cramer, RScP
Phone 858.576.8268

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