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VISION Podcast comes directly from our Sunday talks that are given by Rev. Patti Paris and other guests.
  1. Maya, the swirling illusion, is a constantly shifting, every-changing place. We must find our “little spot of God”, and stay firmly planted in the Truth.
    We use our imagination to take us beyond the past, and with conviction, we hold on to our dreams until they arrive. We disconnect from confusion and discouragement, that power is ours, and we stay focused.

  2. We must commit in mind to our goals, to our desires. The Law reflects our thoughts back to us; muddled in/ muddled out. When we are clear, life is clear. We say we want clarity, but often what we want is permission to do what we already know we want to do.
    We must have trust that there is One Power operating on our behalf to give us all that we desire and require. And it is for us to do that work, either in mind, or in the world.

  3. Imagination is freeing. The answers of ‘who am I?’, and ‘why am I here?’ can all be found there. Imagination fuels our dreams and fires our soul. It is the creative energy that transforms what is, into what may be.
    We lay aside our fear and doubt, and we go for it! Go for our dreams, our larger life, that passion that is crying to be made manifest by and through us. We are that which we seek.

  4. Springtime is filled with newness, and invites us to turn the soil of our minds, to prepare for new plantings. We must awaken to the patterns of our behavior, if we are to have a new life free from the past.
    The excuses and blames belong in the past. They may have had value then, but the I AM we are today is not bound by th

  5. The nature, and value of friendship, and the power of our dreams being supported.

  6. The season of Spiritual Renewal is now; we prepare the soil by removing the clay of false belief, and uncovering the stones of our emotional charges, and then we plant the seeds of our desire.
    We must behold the Oneness of all our relationships, holding no one separate from us. Forgiveness sets us free from the past, and allows the new day to dawn.

  7. Like the prodigal son, sleeping with pigs after his “riotous” living, when we start down our new path, our new direction, the AH HA moment awakens us to ourselves. We turn towards our Truth, and Spirit fills the gap. We feel we are separate from our good, but the Truth is we are one with it.
    We can spend time rearranging the conditions of our lives; people, places and things, but if the consciousness behind it has not changed, we will be living the same experiences over and over.

  8. It is good for us to examine our place in the Universe, our cosmology. To use the scope and poetry of available spiritual teachings to guide us in our philosophy of transformation.
    We align with the Divine Fire within, and pour that into our thoughts and desires, allowing the substance of the Universe to create with us a life of Joy, Abundance, Freedom and Peace. We turn away from doubt and distraction, and hold to our Truth: that we are One with God.

  9. Are we citizens of the world, of our nation, of our state, our city, our block, or just our homes? We are called by Spirit to express a great and joyous life. Ego warns us to stay small, to not try for our dreams. But those are conditions. Truth is always pushing us onward to more.
    When we are challenged or get our buttons pushed, we have a chance to examine ourselves from within, or we can retreat to blame and defend our woundedness. But they didn`t install that button, they just pointed it out to us. And so will the next person, until we do the inner work.

  10. We must keep our eye on the goal, not on any obstacle or perceived block that appears before us. Look at where you`re going, not at where you are.
    When we pray, we align with our desires- we don`t pray “for” something, a thing that is not with us/ part of us. We pray the experience of something we already are, already know- the truth of us; pray health, pray love, pray abundance and financial well being. We make our good welcome, and let go of the “how”.

  11. We come together to remember the Truth of our being. Things can bring us down, but in community we lift each other up.
    The perfection within walks hand in hand with the human experience. We go deep, we nurture those parts of us that feel neglected, that feel ignored, and with deep roots, we reach higher.

  12. We all come from a Unified Whole, and express it uniquely. Diversity and multiplicity are the Freedom of the Universe, Oneness is the Truth of It.
    We seek community and space to grow and express our unique gifts and talents, and to admire and encourage the individuality of others.

  13. Beyond the spiritual words and ideas, we seek a life of living and bring them into action. We are called to Truth, and also called to the woundedness of the world.
    We are not seeking Spiritual escape, but to become awake. To be a force for action and change. Without succumbing to ego and false control. We let go of the impossible task of fixing the world, and seek connection with it.

  14. There is a unity of all life, a single source, which we partake of by our individualized nature. Dreams and ideas, unless demonstrated, are meaningless.
    We are drawn by our choices, and repelled by our choices. We come to a place in our lives, where we acknowledge our own volition, and move by using the tools of the spiritual life to create a life of our desires.

  15. We are ONE. There is One light that is the substance of everything. We are the myriad forms; infinite and diverse variety expressing the unlimited potential of the Universe!
    There is no “other”, there is nowhere to go, nothing to become- only more of our true nature to reveal and revel in.

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