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VISION Podcast comes directly from our Sunday talks that are given by Rev. Patti Paris and other guests.
  1. All talk about God is metaphor. We apply a known over the mystery, to give it context. We then fight over the mask we ourselves have given to the infinite.
    We are called to dwell in the mystery, to explore preconceptions and cultural bias, to let go of what we know, and allow life to be more.

  2. The choice is ours, we are always at choice. But we should endeavor to make an informed choice- not a choice from fear, or apathy, or habit. To aim for more than to just let whatever happens happen. We are here to express and experience life in its highest.
    We are called to new things, new ideas, a bigger life. Not settle for the option that alleviates our fear. We set a goal, we desire an experience, we decide and then we move.

  3. We struggle to define freedom, because it is inherent to each, and not granted. It is the treasure that is claimed, not earned. Our freedom in inexorable from our being.
    We move from our limited, adolescent lens of whim and desire to a more mature notion of in interwoven life and society where we are uplifted by the joys and success of others.

  4. The physical manifest universe is the embodiment of God, and is infused with the qualities of God. Freedom is inherent in the system. And we are free, to choose from our limited or expanded beliefs.
    Nature awaits our comprehension. We are emboldened by our choices, and cautioned by them. If something doesn`t work out, we are free to choose again. And we are free in every instant to choose our reaction to it.
  5. Our good awaits our welcome. The door is unlocked, the gift is given- it is we who must accept. We stare the “facts” right in the face, and we know a greater truth. Why is being negative seen as being realistic, when it takes no more energy to think one way than another?
    We must stay conscious of the narrative that run through our minds. When our buttons get pushed, we may fall into unskilled behavior, but we can learn and grow from it. An unskilled action defines a moment, not a life.

  6. We are on a journey of spiritual unfoldment. A path to self-discovery that is never ending. We begin where we are, in the world of conditions, knowing that there is a greater world of Truth to be known and lived.
    We are greater than our “humanness”, we keep our eye single of the light of spirit, and we discover the joy of living. And that joy transforms us, and those around us.

  7. The givingness of life is the foundation of the Universe, and the essence of the individual life. We are hardwired in the brain to care and connect with each other. Yet we often fall into the habit of the busy and unexamined life, avoiding feeling the pain another person is going through. Because this would mean we would have to be present to our own feelings.
    We must be authentic with our own experiences, to feel the truth of our own lives, before we can be present for another. And being present can be enough. We don’t have to have the right words, or take specific action. Just being fully present for another can be enough to change the world.

  8. The keys we have always been looking for; joy, love, peace, creativity- are all within. They always have been. It is our willingness to say YES, to step away from self-doubt and engage in gratitude and love that puts the power in our hands.
    Optimism isn’t a platitude, it is a practice. To turn away from that which does not serve us, and focus our attention on the life we do want.

  9. We are powerful, imaginative people. And when we rest in thoughts with feeling, that is what manifests for us. And yet there is the element of faith. That child-like wonder that simply knows it’s going to work out.
    We must end the cycle of praying to exchange conditions, and move our prayers and affirmations to the level of Cause. We say YES to the impulse of the universe, to the call within of a greater life. How open to our good can we be?

  10. Maya, the swirling illusion, is a constantly shifting, every-changing place. We must find our “little spot of God”, and stay firmly planted in the Truth.
    We use our imagination to take us beyond the past, and with conviction, we hold on to our dreams until they arrive. We disconnect from confusion and discouragement, that power is ours, and we stay focused.

  11. We must commit in mind to our goals, to our desires. The Law reflects our thoughts back to us; muddled in/ muddled out. When we are clear, life is clear. We say we want clarity, but often what we want is permission to do what we already know we want to do.
    We must have trust that there is One Power operating on our behalf to give us all that we desire and require. And it is for us to do that work, either in mind, or in the world.

  12. Imagination is freeing. The answers of ‘who am I?’, and ‘why am I here?’ can all be found there. Imagination fuels our dreams and fires our soul. It is the creative energy that transforms what is, into what may be.
    We lay aside our fear and doubt, and we go for it! Go for our dreams, our larger life, that passion that is crying to be made manifest by and through us. We are that which we seek.

  13. Springtime is filled with newness, and invites us to turn the soil of our minds, to prepare for new plantings. We must awaken to the patterns of our behavior, if we are to have a new life free from the past.
    The excuses and blames belong in the past. They may have had value then, but the I AM we are today is not bound by th

  14. The nature, and value of friendship, and the power of our dreams being supported.

  15. The season of Spiritual Renewal is now; we prepare the soil by removing the clay of false belief, and uncovering the stones of our emotional charges, and then we plant the seeds of our desire.
    We must behold the Oneness of all our relationships, holding no one separate from us. Forgiveness sets us free from the past, and allows the new day to dawn.

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