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Prayer is a thought, a belief, a feeling, arising within the mind of the one praying.
Ernest Holmes
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Alan Olson, RScP

Alan has been a Practitioner since July 2003 and loves being one.

Alan knows deeply we are all in this thing called "Life" together and we ALL want more Joy, Peace, Abundance, Health, Harmony, Fulfillment, Balance, Wisdom and Love in our lives, no matter who we are or what we believe. Alan calls this having a greater experience of Life and can help you find that greater experience in a variety of ways.

To learn more about all the things Alan has to offer check out his Living Life Grand website at

Alan sends Love and Blessings to all !

Billie Frances, RScP

Billie is one of our Sunday Service Coordinators and one of our longest serving Practitioners with over twenty four years experience.

Brenda Nason, RScP
As a Practitioner, Brenda’s mission is to assist others in developing and awakening their own sense of self-empowerment in all areas of their lives.  Having been involved in Religious Science since she was in her twenties, Brenda has a lot of life experience in applying the principals of Science of Mind to her daily life.

Brenda has a background in both teaching and in business, having taught high school & junior high for 15 years, before branching off to own her own business. 

In addition to serving as a Religious Science Practitioner for over 7 years,  Brenda has an MBA, and is a Certified Mindful Coach.  Believing that this philosophy serves people of all ages and understanding, Brenda also currently serves as Director of Youth Ministry. 

Brenda believes in both the power of prayer and the power of play – and therefore also heads up our Ministry of Fun.

For more information, please visit her website:

Cameron Cardoza


Darryl Thompson, RScP
Darryl Thompson RScP is a Professional Practitioner licensed by the United Centers for Spiritual Living.  I am trained in the art of compassionate listening and healing prayer.  I am also a San Diego native, born and raised here in America’s Finest City. I was nurtured in a Christian faith tradition, and my practice is enhanced by the embrace of Christ centered consciousness.  “I consider myself a New Thought Metaphysical Christian, and am also clear that all paths eventually lead to God no matter what the distinction.”  I have a deep belief that affirmative prayer or “right thinking” has the power to change and transform lives. “It is done unto you even as you believe”.  As a musician, singer and songwriter, I passionately view music not only as a spiritual practice and powerful healing modality, but also as ministry.  I am blessed to serve this spiritual community of Vision CSL, and look forward to supporting you on your journey as you continue to uncover you own innate Divinity.”
Ethelyn Holmes, RScP

Ethelyn first entered the First Church of Religious Science in Chicago, as a child accompanied by her parents.  The pastor was Dr. Carleton Whitehead, who became her mentor when she attended college. Although raised as Roman Catholic, Ethelyn grew up appreciating many different religions.  Her mother was a Prayer Minister at Rev. Johnnie Colemon’s Christ Universal Temple. 

In 1999, Ethelyn became serious about taking Religious Science classes and became a Practitioner in 2002.   Ethelyn is a “techie”, working as a software engineering professional.  But Music Ministry is Ethelyn’s love and her mission is to serve as best as she can, empowering others to find their heart song.

Evelyn Eads, RScP
Evelyn has served as a Practitioner for over 15 years.  Her practioning at Vision has included teaching classes, creating and leading retreats and workshops and multi-year experience in coordinating Sunday services.  Within the Science of Mind framework, she offers several modalities that encourage growth of the Divine during individual counseling sessions. 

She is a former Human Resources executive who, for 25 years,specialized in training and employee development.  Evelyn is a certified Senior Human Resources Profession(SPHR) as well as a certified Mindful Coach.  This background has enhanced her wisdom and counseling skills with clients.

Evelyn's mission is to "Pray, Play and Prosper".  In addition to a rich prayer life, Evelyn leadsLaughter Yoga sessions in companies, community organizations and at various senior centers and retirement homes.  The laughter exercises open participants to their inner joy and promote strong group connections.

Her life as a practitioner/coach and laughter leader are results of her childhood dream to have fun while staying in joyous contact with Spirit. 

Evelyn Linnertz, RScP
I found Science of Mind in 1996 when searching for something more meaningful in my life.   It only took one visit to this Spiritual Teaching to know that I was home.  I have been a licensed Practitioner since 1999.  I helped teach the 2nd year of Practitioner Training for 5 years.  My background is in business and recently decided to turn this experience into working with animals.  “Animals teach us how to love unconditionally and patiently. They open our hearts to our own Divinity.”

During a stressful time in my life I began saying   “All things are working together for my Highest Good and the Highest Good of all concerned.”  What started out as a prayer of petition became a declaration of my belief system.
Gloria Brockman, RScP
Gloria has a passion to help others achieve their fullest Spiritual Potentials. She is an Entrepreneur, Teacher, Consultant and Life Coach.

Rev. Jeanne Phillips
Rev. Jeanne Phillips serves as Staff Minister at Vision, leading the Compassionate Care Ministry as well as teaching, guest speaking and supporting the Communications Ministry.  She has been a licensed spiritual counselor since 1996 and became a minister in 2013 after earning her MA degree in Consciousness Studies at the Holmes Institute, Centers of Spiritual Living. 
She currently works as a Hospice Chaplain/Spiritual Care Counselor at LightBridge Hospice in San Diego, providing spiritual and emotional support for patients with terminal illnesses and their families.

Her greatest joy is seeing the Divine within each individual while holding a safe and sacred space of unconditional love.  Her greatest desire is to be a healing presence, offering comfort and compassion to everyone she meets.

Joe Pirrello, RScP
Joe has been a Licensed Practitioner since 1999 and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in his everyday work, specializing in grief, bereavement and loss support at the Center for Compassionate Care of The Elizabeth Hospice.  These two licenses provide Joe with a unique insight into the spiritual needs of those who ask for prayer.  He continues to delight in hearing the demonstrations of the prayer requests he receives; a manifestation and out picturing of what is already known and true for every individual.  Joe is a caring, nurturing and loving individual whose personal motto is “make everyone feel as though s/he is the first person I have seen today.” 

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